11 aprile 2010

a Community of Salespeople in the World with… an Italian heart.

it’s time to do or go away.

it’s time to start a new way of doing social networking. It’s time to realize that you can not do business alone.

We are a community, we are a professional’s group that grows every day and continues to do business every day.

Be salesman means having ambitions and goals that lead us to seek new goals, new opportunities, new relationships.

And it’s time to do so in the world.

Beyond our vision, our relationship in Italy. We are citizens of the world, we are salesmen in the world.

For everybody who wants do business with Italians salesmen in each country or for those companies looking for salesmen in Italy this will be the platform that will make you say, ” I found the idea and the right person for improve my business”, now.

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