1 gennaio 2011

Brian Burns – Tom Snyder ” Selling in a New Market space “

[amazon_link id=”0071636102″ target=”_blank” ]Selling in a New Market Space: Getting Customers to Buy Your Innovative and Disruptive Products[/amazon_link][amazon_image id=”0071636102″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Selling in a New Market Space: Getting Customers to Buy Your Innovative and Disruptive Products[/amazon_image]” Developing an innovative product that breaks all the rules of the market is the first step to success in today’s economy. Now, how do you get it organizations to purchase it? Selling in a New Market. Space reveals the sales secrets of the companies that have taken their “disruptive innovation” offerings to the greatest heights.

What you need for ultimate success is a team of Maverick Sellers–people who use sales techniques that are as innovative as the product they’re selling. This new type of salesperson understands that conventional methods serve only to doom new innovations to failure. Selling in a New Market Space explains how to build highly successful sales teams that create markets from scratch by:

Articulating a compelling vision for the future
Pinpointing your target market
Controlling the decision making process
Exposing exactly how large organizations make product selections
Throughout the book, the authors weave true-life case studies illustrating how the Maverick Method has resulted in landmark deals and long-term success for innovative new products.

Don’t squander a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Use Selling in a New Market Space to ensure your get maximum revenue potential from your new offering.”