7 gennaio 2011

Foxes and hedgehogs footprint on the network.

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The Salesman 推销员

From an analysis of the online presence of millions of surfers and readers of web pages revealed various types of user profiles. Among these the most common seem to be those defined: fox and hedgehog.
The fox shows a profile of who is constantly changing from one site to another, never stops in one place too, leaving almost never comment, tracks, he/she asks not to be trusted, is quick and prefers anonymity.
The hedgehog as a total distrust newcomers, once he/she has identified a space to find what needed he/she stay in the area and tends to vary from just their own choices. He/she is loyal but not very colaborative, sometimes exposes long wait then remained in the answers back in the same spot.

And you what kind of users are? More foxes or hedgehogs?

And which of the two profiles is like the way you sell?

The Salesman 推销员